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Tom's tank frontal photoAfter a 6 year break, this is my second marine set up, at around 1000 ltr (the first was in Germany with a 450 ltr), but I still love this hobby. The setup includes lots of corals as Fungia (disc / plate coral), Acanthastrea (fleshy brain) favia, Acroprora (staghorn), Anthelia (waving hand), blastomussa_merliti (posie coral), capnella cladiella (colt coral), Catalaphyllia jardinei (elegance coral), caulastrea (candycane), favities (closed brain), Goniopora (Coral) 3 Clams, 1 Urchin and lots of live rock in the Tank 1 Nudibranch, 2 Tropical Abalone, 1 Blue Tang, 1 Coral Beauty, 1 Scopas Tang, 1 Sailfin Tang 1 pair of Clarkies, one pair of Ocellaris, 1 striped Goby, one pair of banded Shrimps, 3 red handed Shrimps, several other mini Shrimps, 3 Fiji blue Damsels and 5 other Damsels (to be identified) and approx 10-15 other slugs and crabs or something like it.

Hope you all have fun reading and seeing it.

System Objectives: Nice-looking good growing Show Tank
System Type: Mixed Reef

Display System:

  • Strike up Date: April 2009
  • Display Tank: 2300cm x 65cm x65cm.
  • Display Lighting: 16x39watt 6 blue rest white, T5 1x54watt T5, 1x 58watt T8 blue for Moonlight
  • Stand: Steel covered with wood.
  • Hood: Wood covered 2300cm x 70cm x 17cm.
  • Sump: 1500cm x 50cm x50cm
  • Refugium: 37.5cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • Refugium Lighting: 1x39Watt T8 + 2 x Globes 15 watt energy saving lights

Support systems:

  • System Water: Natural salt water
  • Display Water circulation: 2x Tunze Turbelle
  • Return Pump:Powerhead 5000
  • Skimmer: Tunze Classic DOC Skimmer 9210
  • Evaporation Top Up: manual at this stage
  • Other Equipment : Teco TC20 Chiller incl UV light and Heater. Sulphur Reactor

Chemical Support:

  • Calcium Addition: calcium reactor Schuran jet
  • Alkilinity Addition: calcium reactor Schuran jet
  • Other Chemical Maintenance: Growtech Tec III NG pumps to dose the rest which is need as 3ml per day

Current Water Chemistry:

  • Nitrates: 5
  • Phosphates: 0
  • Alkalinity: 0
  • Calcium: 430
  • Salinity / Specific Gravity: 0.24

  Tom's tank frontal photo    

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