Renee M

The tank is a low light reef tank, nothing flash but it’s a start. The tank was done on a tight budget so from the beginning I wanted something very simple, easy to run and for it to have a ‘natural’ feel. Apart from the cyanobacteria, which is proving difficult to completely eradicate, I am very happy with the tank – plenty of life. It is very low maintenance with just weekly 20% water changes, done with NSW, and freshwater top ups. I don’t add any supplements or anything, just some Bicarbonate of Soda in the freshwater top ups to keep the KH up.

Since starting the tank I’ve developed a real love for marine aquariums so hopefully I can set some more up in the future, if my funds allow it.

At a glance…

Tank dimensions 2 foot (61cm long, 30cm wide, 38cm deep), 70 litres
Lighting 36w (PL tube) 7100k
Equipment Prizm Skimmer, Powerhead, 55w Heater
Water parameters SG 1.026, pH 8.2, KH 9, Temperature 24c (winter) 28c (summer)
Inhabitants 2 hermits, fromia starfish, urchin, astraea snail, brittle starfish, 2 fungias, Turbinaria Peltata, a torch, heaps of ocotcorals and a sixline wrasse (more fish coming).


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