Peter R

Pete’s 6ft X 2ft X 2ft in wall tank has been running for 9 months and has well established soft and LPS corals and a range of fish and misc. inverts.

The tank is located in a study room but is viewable from both sides via a wall cut out facing the entrance and living room. The sump located directly below the tank and houses a octopus skimmer, a float switch for auto topoff and return/chiller pumps. Beside the sump there’s a refugium with some calerpa.

The overflow is located up one end of the tank and is completely hidden by the clever use of sandstone. There’s also 2 rocks that are mounted out from the sandstone creating 2 ledges. The sandstone idea blends in very well with surrounding rock and is an excellent way of hiding things in your tank.

Tank dimensions Tank: 6ft X 2ft X 2ft
Sump: 100cm x 43cm H x 40cm W
Refugium: 60cm L x 46cm H x 31cm W
Lighting 2 X 250w mh 14k
actenic light 54W T5
Equipment return pump Laguna 9000lph
chiller pump aquaclear 110
chiller Halia HC500
skimmer octopus Hurricane 800 fed from tank overflow
Fish 1 X Yellow tang
1 X Blue tang
1 X Bicolour angel
2 X Black & White ocellaris clownfish
1 X Blue Damsel, male phillipino variant with blue tail
1 X 6 line wrasse
1 X Mandarin
3 X Chromis
1 X Flame Hawkfish
Coral Heliofungia
Catalaphyllia Jardinia
Red coralamorphs
Purple coralamorphs
Fluffy Coralamorphs
Pink bubbletip anemone (Entacmea quadricolor)
Inverts Coral Banded Shrimp
Orange Sponge
Black cuccumber
Blue linka starfish
Red starfish
Blue Clam (Tridacna sp.)


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