Ashley H

Ashley's tank - full frontalAfter reading a few books and a lot of information online I had already decided I wanted to have a nano tank, but it wasn’t until a spare all in one “Jebo style” tank fell into my lap in February 2007 that I finally took the plunge. The tank is approximately 35l in volume and holds about 27l of natural salt water due to the displacement of the live rock and substrate. I put a cheap HOB skimmer onto the tank both to skim and for circulation, turning over the tank around 20 times per hour, and retrofitted a pair of 24w 10k/act PC globes into the hood to replace the original 9w fluro.

Livestock is all soft corals & morphs which look great waving around in the current by day, but when the lights go out & they shrink at night my other inhabitant takes centre stage. “Seth” the octopus is a local nocturnal pygmy reef species, he can change his colour and skin texture to varying degrees. I view him I have a red nightlight (3x LED strip from Jaycar Electronics) and feed him a mixture of hermit crabs and Hikari frozen krill.

Feeding time for Seth the Octopus (700kb AVI)


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