Logo of the Marine Aquarium Society of Regional QueenslandWhat is MASRQ’s aim?

It is the ambition of the Marine Aquarium Society of Regional Queensland (MASRQ) to bring greater cohesion and vitality to our growing and dynamic hobby with a particular focus on bringing people together within the regional areas of Qld.

Our initial target is to build up a core membership in the larger regional centres. Each of the major centres and many regional areas of Queensland have seen an expansion in the number of Local Fish Stores (LFS) providing marine products and services which suggests a growing number of hobbyists within our regions. It is our aim to reach and support these new hobbyists by offering our members experience and support in the hope that by doing so we will see a greater success rate of new hobbyists. We believe that more successful marine hobbyists is not only good for the reputation of our hobby but also for the longer term vitality of the marine aquaria sector as a whole, and building a thriving industry providing a more profitable industry for all.

How will MASRQ provide member support?

MASRQ provides a formal network for its members bringing together a wealth of collective experience. Some of the activities that MASRQ will promote include regular member host meetings to check out fellow members’ tanks, virtual committee planning meetings, newsletters, online and real world presentations about the systems and animals, email discussion groups and members who are willing to be help contacts. It is our view that that everyone gains from the creating successful aquarists.

Local Business and MASRQ?

MASRQ understands that our hobby is dependent on having vibrant successful local retailers to serve our hobby. It is largely through the efforts of local retailers that the initial interest in the marine hobby is generated thus contributing many new members. Without the service and products supplied by local retailers our hobby at a local level would barely exist.

MASRQ recognises the importance of keeping business local and as such seeks work in partnership with local retailers.

MASRQ has a stated policy objective of operating at a grass roots level, trying to promote the development of a real world and internet based platform to reduse issues related to great distances between members.

We seek to encourage our members to support local businesses and in return we hope that businesses will find value in supporting our society. As local fish stores are mostly the first point of contact for new marine enthusiasts, businesses can provide a valuable conduit for new members to the society. In return LFS will have somewhere to refer new enthusiasts that are often eager for new information to MASRQ and thus reduce some of the burden of educating new hobbyists.

Members of MASRQ will be exposed to current practises utilising some of the best equipment available within the industry, much of which could be seen as additional purchase over and above a basic setup that many people purchase to enter the hobby. This would provide an ideal opportunity for local retailers to stock profitable product lines, that would then come highly recommended by the society.

We understand that the element of the internet based sales do have an impact on a local retailers. MASRQ is seeking to provide good information to our members that will generally lead in the direction of better quality product much of which is not available online. This will also provide a good ‘leg up’ for local retailers as they will have good promotion of themselves, and additionally enhance their sales of high quality products.

MASRQ will provide sound advice and support which we understand can be quite expensive in labour hours to provide in a retail environment. With the combination of sound advice from MASRQ and the support of important equipment we believe that the success of many marine enthusiast will increase and therefore increase the retention of your customers and our members within the hobby, creating a situation of greater demand for products and stock in the long term.

We believe that everyone gains from creating successful aquarists.

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